Homeowner seeks advice on quality vinyl products

Q: We have aluminum siding and single-pane aluminum windows. We would like to replace the old windows with new vinyl ones, but were wondering if that's possible with the aluminum siding. Also, how do we find a quality window? --Hugh S.

Can fireproof material compensate for inadequate cabinet clearance?

Q: I purchased a 27-inch, four-burner Wolf commercial range, with an oven, about 30 years ago. I was told when I purchased the range (commercial) that there should be at least six inches between the range and cabinets on both sides; the rear was tiled already. I had my kitchen remodeled in November 2006. Is there a way to protect my cabinets by installing any fireproofing products so that the range can set within the one or two inches against the cabinets, or should I tile the rear wall and the two sides next to the cabinets? --Fran K.

Crown Molding adds value in Asheville Real Estate

Make your job easier with a second person or carpentry book

Q: I am remodeling my living room and would like to install a wide cove molding at the ceiling, but I need help in mitering the corners. Do I cut them at a 45-degree angle? Do I cope them? Any information would be greatly appreciated. --Steve H.

A: Crown molding is one of the most attractive and interesting molding features you can add to a room. It is also, however, one of the more difficult finish carpentry tasks to undertake.

Brightening tips to make cooking, cleaning even more fun

When it comes to lighting, few places in the home are more important than the kitchen. From general lighting to specific task lighting, a well-designed lighting plan makes the use and enjoyment of any kitchen a much brighter undertaking.

Without proper prep, finished product could be disaster

Paint preparation is one of the ugly sides of home-improvement projects. All that sanding and scraping and cleaning -- no one really likes to do it, but it's essential to a good paint job. So, like it or not, it's a step that you don't want to skip or do poorly, since the quality of your finished product pretty much depends on it.

There are three basic things to remember for properly preparing any surface that you want to paint -- get it clean, smooth and dry.

An Old Leaky Roof with Birds Nesting in the Gable Window - Western North Carolina

Calculate how much you need with simple math

Remember how hot your attic was when you went up there to check the antenna wire last summer? Remember that ice dam on the roof? Proper attic ventilation can help with both those problems, but how do you know how much you need -- and just as importantly, how much do you already have?